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BBC Amplify music show


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Im doing this show on the 6th - 8th October.... Its being held at the Excel in London and is a general music show...


Its all been a bit of a pain actually.. Ive done two other shows and they were easy. You just turned up and set up and that was it.. Because its the Excel theres all these health and safety forms I have to fill in, I need to get my amp PAT tested or they wont let me use it, have to buy a high vis jacket too just to load and unload etc etc etc..... Arrrgggg


But assuming I get through all of this I will be there..




HOWEVER.. I just looked up the ticket prices.. At £26 I wouldn't blame anyone for not coming [rolleyes] Apparently the attendance will be in the 10s of thousands (but I guess they would say that).. So we will see. So if anyone wants to come and say hello you will of course be more than welcome.

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