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Had an early 60's in mind for quite some time and this creature called on me for more reasons than one.

Heard so much about those bridges - mostly bad, but also good - that I needed to finally check it myself.


Still in the experimental phase, but will write more before the weekend is over.

Await a deeper review -


1963 ~ 9nQbaXF.jpg

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Original ceramic saddle?


And be aware that some lift in the rear middle of the plastic bridge is totally okay, as the bolt-headed screw in the middle is in front of the pins (along with a second middle screw in front of the saddle, and two outer screws just east & west of the pins).


If for any reason you think you need to tighten those screws, do so very gingerly, as they can easily be over-tightened & strip out or crack the plastic. Stop as soon as you feel resistance.


Btw, congrats on what looks to be a real sweetheart !!!

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Whoa! The plastic bridge is often more an issue of their survival as much as sound. I have seen these things just curl up. But they can be easily replaced so it would never be a deal killer. With these guitars it all comes down to how you cotton to the skinny neck carve which Gibson referred to as the low action, fast playing neck or something like that. These post-1955 Gibson tend to have a real punchy sound which can be infectious and become part of your DNA.

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If I was going to buy any 1960s Gibson it would be a '63 or '64. They still have the 1 11/16" nut and the necks feel a bit fatter than those made from 1960 through 1962. Not near as beefy as the pre-1960 necks but to me they are as good as you are going to get in the 1960s.

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