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Wuz up !


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Hi to all !

I'm a 60 yr old geezer into rock and Steve Vai , Joe Satch , Al Dimeolo and any one playing anything good ! I only which I could play as well as them but I have fun !

Ok here is the story ,

Gots a 66 Melody Maker SG single soap bar , I bought when it was 10 yrs old " brand New " hanging in the store for all that time . Even had the warranty. I added 2 PAFS and Grover Perloids in the earlier 70's had the 3/way switching and 4 pots added also . Later on put on an Earnie Ball wrap around Badass Bridge . Eventually I painted it black with spray cans and made a steel p/up plate for it , took off the p/up covers and put on chrome bezels . Looked kinda ok from a distance but it really rocked . Well the years put a toll on her ( chips , scratches and cracks . Had a lot of guitars through the years and hardly played her .

Until recently !

I took a careful look at her and found the neck not just ok but perfect ! Needed a good cleaning , polished up some of the nicked frets checked again with a straight edge and new strings and it played nice ! No buzzing except for what's in my head ! Ha ! Other than the crack in the head stock kept putting the D string out . Drilled and doweled and glued it ( I'm a machinist by trade so I understand these things ) let it sit for a week sanded the whole thing sealed it , primer and sent it to my best buddy in Florida in a special case I made ( he's An Auto body guy and Gibson guitarist also ) . Instructed him to paint it the whitest white he's ever seen (sorry it's not laquer paint ) . He sends it back a month later ,

It's absolutely GORGEOUS , While he had it I ordered every screw, switch , pot, wire , chrome covers new chrome bezels,chrome truss rod cover and a chromed 3/way selector switch plate engraved with HEAVEN / HELL , new White speed knobs and a new white PVC p/up cover plate which had to be cut out for p/ups and switch , PVC plastic for the rear plate and rewired with Seymour Duncan pots and an American made 3/way with a chrome knob piece on the end and some good caps ( I forget which but they cost a lot ) .

All I can say is Wow ! I got a 51 year old Gibson and for a few hundred bucks and a bunch of elbo grease it's a brand new guitar I can't put down ! Absolutely love it !

It's also very light and it is a very thin guitar


Also have a Les Paul Studio ( green ) with A Duncan bridge P/up that plays and sounds nice it's about ten years old now .

Olso an Ovation Celebrity which I keep next to me in the living room for inspirational purposes.


Used to have a band ( SHOT .. because we were SHOT ) ha again ! and studio / rehearsal room / recording room fully equipped . Mackie PA , Korg Le synth and Roland amp , bass guitar ( I forget which ) with a GK amp with 4- 10" and a sub woofer , Sonar drum set , Shure mics all around and my Marshal TSL half stack and a "Crate 120 watter 2/12" combo amp " which is about the only thing I still have . Had to move and downsize .miss my old band ,good friends , we were good musicians and had fun ! Used to have lots of people just show up and jam out also , it was allways a party and smoke and beer ,was flowing ,pizza or burgers BBQ . Played out a bunch but that got old because no one helped carry the equipment out of my basement . It was like moving day and sucked . So l quit doing it after awhile , except for these huge parties my drummer used to throw ( 10 bands with a sound mixer guy and a side stage usually my equiptment ) for in between sets . They lasted all night and into the next day usually with 500 people showing up ! They were insane and some serious talent would show up . Parking a half a mile away . Miss those days !

Thanks for letting me rant if your reading this .

Jack from NY

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They're a bunch of us here just like you Jack we just got older ,glad you brought your guitar back to life. Great story




Thanks man ! Gettin older sux sometimes , whish I knew what I know now now back then . But either way it was fun ! Great memories .

Wuz up with you 4Heyden ? Not sure how to navigate yet , I'm old and feeble . ha ! Naw , I'll figure it out sooner or later . Figured out the IPad easy enough .

Now I still got to figure out WOMEN , ha ! Any tips ?

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I saw that a a few days ago on Face Book . That guy was infreakingcredible ! Thanks for sending that though , I want to show it to a friend and now I know where it is !

Sorry 4Hayden not Heyden ! The eyes are the first to go except when women walk by ! Selective hearing too ... I can tell what song is playing usuallynby the first three notes but don't hear my wife unless she's telling me it's time to eat which she just did ! Got to go ...check in later .

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Welcome G 6-er......[thumbup]


Gibson's hardly get a mention in this forum...


People here like to show how many different brands they own....and how expert they are.....:blink:


If they don't know the correct answer....they make something up....


Most posts are about beer, food, cars, cameras, weather, dogs, grandkids.....


Get used to it......dry.gif





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Welcome to the forums Jack. msp_thumbup.gif I think you'll fit in fine here, nice story by the way. My wife gets upset if she has to repeat herself. I'm hard of hearing and she checks to see if my hearing aids are in and then repeats..."Did You Hear Me?" Ha ha. By the way, I love Ovation, wish I had my old one back. Congrats on your restoration on your Gibson.

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