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What's Dave Gilmour playing here?


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A friend of mine and I have been playing this at some open mic sessions recently. I usually play the 12 str part but was learning the lead last night and came across this. (It starts slowly but worth the wait.)


Looks like a 185 but has some unusual marking on the headstock and fretboard markers. Hard to see on this video. Maybe some Custom Shop creation?


Any ideas?


I'm going to have a go at the falsetto lead middle section but I may have to utilise the capo in an unorthodox fashion!

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It is a J-200 Celebrity, but made in limited numbers in 1984 I believe. They also did a J-45 Celebrity. One of the J-200 was on ebay a while back. They are very nice looking guitars. I saw a clip of Mark Knofpler and Chet Atkins, one of them is playing a Celebrity.



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