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P90 dilemma


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Hey everyone I traded some great gear to get a complete dud from Sam Ash. First sight unseen guitar I've bought....ever!! And it's got issues. Besides the badly cut bone nut and the terrible Chinese electronics and fake intermintantly working p90s and poor set up. So bummed! Anyways they only offered credit back and I actually never received a receipt or anything for my trades ect- shady. And one of the sales guys called me and offered me $100 less than the guitar- shady x2. Anyways I'll never buy a guitar unseen again EVER and never from sam ash EVER. I can explain everything if anyone curious about how they screwed me. It's a long story but I'm past all that....

Anyways New bone nut and some adjustments and the guitar plays fine now. Now here's the real issue- the electronics were a mess. I ended up getting some cts pots I had to redrill as someone put a wood blocking to fit the cheap new pots. So new pots, pio caps, wired perfectly.... so I started by buying a Seymour Antiquity bridge pup to get some nice p90 bridge goodness. Seems thin and the neck seems loud(Kent Armstrong pup). I've raised the pickup pretty high but I don't know, doesn't sound right. Also I didn't change the switch as it was the switchcraft. Are these pups so low output that they are almost tele sounding or should I try a new switch etc. thanks for the help. I'm looking to buy a set of gibsons as I've owned and loved the originals but want to see if I'll be wasting more money if there's anything that maybe I missed and you guys had some insight. Thanks again and sorry for the rant.

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