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2018 Gibson SG range

Revolution Six

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  • 4 months later...

I have now gotten used to the absent pickup rings and like the look. Its cleaner & simpler. Same thing with the no pickguard. I have removed the pickguard from my LP. I dont need a pickguard and would rather see the whole body. Same with the SG look.


There is only one thing about these HP SGs I dont like, and that's the flame tops. I would rather see them with ordinary grain or even sprayed with solid colour. Flame tops may be premium finishes, but they are also too common.

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:-k :-k


So it's a Standard made in the Custom Shop?


"The SG Standard Bohemian represents everything you want in a great Gibson Custom Shop SG....."


And the finish is Bohemian... [biggrin] The one on the right is Mink.....expensive.

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That one right in the center, super cool color.



These Bohemians are what I'm talking about....


I'd opt for one in either "Spice" or "Mink". The one you called-out, "Sunshine" ain't bad, either. Looks like "natural", which is always a good option.

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