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Of course we all love our Gibson's here and my J-45 banner reissue is certainly a beautifully rustic and earthy tone machine, but today i've been marvelling at the huge tone coming from my wonderful L-00 handbuilt by world class UK luthier and repairman Dave King ... http://www.daveking-acoustics.co.uk/guitar_model/l-00/ and this got me thinking about all the lovely L-00 Gibson's and similarly styled L-00's that must be present in peoples collections on this forum. If you would oblige I'd love to hear about and see pics of your L-00's especially vintage Gibson L-00's and/or faithful recreations from makers such as fairbanks, Kopp, walker etc.

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I have a unique Collings C-10. Not a faithful reproduction though. I had one of the first Keb Mo models but it ended up getting traded for a mandolin. I still wanted some kind of L-00 variant and when this (used but mint) Collings came available I couldn't help myself. This C-10 is all mahogany finished in TV Yellow and mother-of-toilet seat bling. Not understated and not for everyone but it ticks a box for me.


post-770-069687500 1505487011_thumb.jpg

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I love the look of your Collings it looks fantastic and very unique, definately the kind of thing I had in mind when i posted the thread in trems of interesting variants. I want to see all things L-00!


I'd love an all hog guitar but i've been thinking about the santa cruz 1929 series but they are very expensive here in the UK (along with every other quality brand unfortunately) and i don't feel like selling any of my current guitars at the moment.

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Recent issues (will need to find your own pics): L00 1937 Legend (vintage specs down to hide glue) and L00TV (2 runs, one a mod C, the other a wide V both are red spruce); the 1930s classic L00 Ebony red spruce on a narrower C neck); L00 Pro (C-neck, sitka),1932 L00 and L00 Vintage (mod variation w/25.0 scale & red spruce top). L00 std (mod neck and logo, electronics); L00 Blues king 1.0 (25.5 scale hog); Blues King 2.0 (24.75 Bubinga).

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I will play.


I have a number of 00 size guitars in the house. To make it more fun, I will stick with the non-Gibsons. I only have one though that was close enough to its Gibson counterpart to earn the nickname of the original. That would be my early 1930s Oahu 68B. These guitars today are commonly referred to as the Oahu "Nick Lucas" because their bodies share almost identical specs with the Gibson. Headstock is a whole lot sexier though.



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That would have to be one of the RI Banner LG-1s based on John Thomas' original. I ran across one of those for sale and still regret not jumping on it.


Edit - never mind, I just looked at your signature.

This was John's guitar that he purchased to compare to his original

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A number of years ago I made the difficult decision to sell my 1938 L-OO. Long story. Fast forward to my recent quest to replace it. I played a variety of prewar Gibsons and some variants like Bourgeois and some local small luthier offerings. I pored over descriptions of various online sales and auctions looking for The One. When the dust settled I wound up with a 2017 L-OO Vintage and could not be happier. It has what I've found missing in Gibson's modern L-OO's. It's wonderfully light and has the distinctive warm bark of my prewar guitar, but with a perfect PLEK setup, smooth tuners, a perfect neck and a warranty:) I may still wind up with another prewar Gibson but for the forseeable future that void has been filled.




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I once owned many L-00 variants -- 1931 L-2, 1936 L-Century, 1930 L-1 - but am now down to these:


1929 Nick Lucas:




1932 L-00:




And this Kim Walker version:








That did a star turn in Fretboard Journal:





Absolutely stunning guitars Mr Thomas!!! How do they compare tonally? Is the Kim Walker a modern sounding instrument or is it voiced like an older L-00? Would love to hear a sound clip of the walker.

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1937 Gibson L-0:






Gibson Blues King L-00 and Martin CEO7:







My Cargill custom based on Gibson Nick Lucas wider body but way different woods!

rn tone?













Beautiful guitars, how does the Cargrill compare tonally with the Gibson's? It looks modern but is it a vintage or more modern tone?

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While it does not have much in common with an L-00, if you ever wondered what a long scale LG-1 might sound like this one would help answer the question. A ca. 1937 Kay K-6.




Wonderful looking instruments!!! So much mojo going on here that they really should carry a pre-warning to suffers of mojoitis which is a severe and debilitating illness where sufferers yearn for mojo filled guitars. Guitar companies are trying to help the tormented sufferer by prescribing reliced guitars but its king of like being given an E cigarette and a salad when you want a steak and a cigar).

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