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NGD - Les Paul Traditional 2017 T


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So I bought another guitar, shocking for me because I hardly ever do that any more. My latest acquisition is a Les Paul Traditional T, a 2017 model. The guitar plays great but the finish is a bit different compared to what is posted on the Gibson website. The flame on this is extremely light, a whole lot lighter than expected but the way it plays and sounds as well as the deal I got, I had to make it mine. Here is a pic:





This is the Heritage Cherry Sunburst. I got this out at the Wilmington, DE Guitar Center yesterday.


So should I take it back because the paint isn't as dark as it should be? I think the wood on the cap may have too many lines in it causing it to be a medium versus a low density. I am just kidding on this.


I bought this guitar because it felt great and I was looking for a 2017 Traditional. The guitar came with a strap, pick guard that wasn't attached (thankfully!) and a nice case. This complements my 2015 and 2016 Traditionals quite nicely as they all have different pickups in them as well as finishes.


Guitar Center is blowing these out now for $1,599.97 with promotional financing, a nice drop in price.

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