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2015 ES-335 Finish Haze - Fixes?

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Hey everyone,


I posted this in the Memphis forum and realised I had posted it wrong.


I love this forum so far and I have asked a few questions and had. nothing but great responses. So here is one more for the experts.


My 335 is only a few years old, it's 2015 and is a sunburst finish. It is covered in fine swirls. Similar to what you find on a car after it has been trough those automatic car washes one too many times. I have tried Gibson restorative finish polish, guitar scratch remover and virtuoso on it. These improved it slightly but it is still very bad. Seems the previous owner must have not taken great care of it. Aside from the swirls, there's no dents, chips or scratches though. Any suggestions on taking care of these swirl marks?


I should note in natural daylight they are no visible it seems to be artificial light that brings them out. Maybe I'll have to live with them! But any suggestions would be great :)

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