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1988 SG 90 double restoration


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Hello All


I had originally posted this in the SG Forum but thought it might be a good idea to post here as well...




I'm new and am not sure if this kind of thing may have been covered before but I'm looking for some help.


I've recently acquired a 1988 SG 90 double


It's been well used over the years and at some point was stripped down to the bare wood and the steinberg tremolo was replaced with stopbar tailpiece


The original colour was metallic turquoise.


I'm assuming the original finish was nitro but that seems to be very hard to source in Canada and would be difficult to ship from the USA.


I'd like to restore it, for my own use and pleasure, (not as a resale) to close to original.


Does anyone know if nitrocellulose is available in Canada in the original colour? Or, what a good alternative will be?


I've seen pictures of similar guitars that have both black and chrome hardware. From what I can read online, I think it was chrome originally. Can anyone confirm?


Now for the harder question. Where can I source Bill Lawrence pups ? at some point they were replaced with Seymour Duncans I tried contacting through the website but got no response.


Any help will be greatly appreciated - Thank you

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Not knowing what this model looked like, I googled "1988 SG 90" and had a look at the images. They might give you some more idea about the colours and there are various different types of trem too; also some seem to have through-body stringing.

The bad news is you cannot source Bill Lawrence pickups AFAIK. He passed away some years ago. He made many different pickups for Gibson - the L6S is a Bill Lawrence design, for instance. You would have to get them out of another SG 90, IMO.

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