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Hello all,

My father handed down his original '72 Walnut Gibson ES-325. The current case (light brown interior) is a nice Hiscox from Londonpost-87902-044197300 1505957975_thumb.jpeg. Though it's not quite the perfect fit. I have seen this guitar in a new case. When Gibson repaired KOL's guitar (other photo with grey)post-87902-059287100 1505958155_thumb.png


1) Help finding an original?

2) Help finding a new hard shell off the shelf snug?



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I would think any case meant for a 16" thin body would work fine. A 335 should be the same size as any comparable Gibson model, 335, 345, 347, 355, etc. You can buy a generic one under $100 or search out a Cadillac brown/pink Gibson case for a few hundred. The options are many.


I look forward to learning more. Thanks!

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