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NGD serial number help


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Sorry to post what may seem like a stupid serial number question but I have spent a lot of time and can't figure out my question. I acquired a used Les Paul today at Guitar Center. I know its a G0 plain top in sortof a honey burst finish, VOS i think its called, sorta dulled, BUT the serial is G0 0042. That means year 2000 right? I dont find any info that these were made that year and wondered if someone knew specs or other details. Ive read somewhere that they started making these for GC in 2002, but not earlier. The cavity is stamped R0 and it came with a little card with a bumblebee on it.., and the electronics in the cavity look like bees. (Yes, my knowledge is very limited). Its in great shape, like its barely been played but looks old. The employee at GC said the guy who owned it was a "vendor" and probably never really played it.


It sounds great. A little warmer, more woody sounding, and less "synthetic" than my 2017 standard HP. Its a nice weight and balance too. I actually prefer the plain top over the flame.


Thanks for the help in advance.

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I'm not an expert on Guitar Centre special editions but the serial could also mean 2010 instead of 2000.


If we take the regular RI numbering system the serial breaks down thus;

G = Guitar Centre.

0 = 1960 reissue.

0 = last digit of year of manufacture.

042 = number in series.


There is plenty of room for confusion with the numbering system of the RIs as the same numbers can get re-used every decade.

Hardware differences and closer attention to historical accuracy on the newer models can be a good guideline.



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I think you are right. I attempted to find examples for sale online and found several which were listed as 2010 models which had similar serial numbers. I was thrown initially by one that was listed as a 2010 which had a G0 1xxx instead of 0xxx, but that must be a mistake on the sellers part. I had also read that the G0 models "after 2008 or 2009ish should have the push pull pots. Mine doesn't. I don't really care, because my HP has them and I don't get anything out of it, but again, it added to my uncertainty.



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