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Any help with verifying CS LPC appreciated


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I know a lot of info may be un-attainable but I am trying to find out if a Custom Shop Les Paul Custom I am looking at buying is genuine and thought you guys would be the best to answer?


(I know Fender have a excellent database of all their guitars and have used it in the past, so hopefully Gibson do the same)


The Serial is CS 62671, I know it follows the correct format & it looks to be genuine Gibson Quality, but I would prefer some kind of proof, although it does have a booklet with the correct Serial & Date on, but no COA (as I think they were not available on some guitars in 2006?)


I know how good the "Far East fakers" are now at producing repros, even down to serials & fake warranty Booklets, so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!






post-87996-027052000 1506614523_thumb.jpg

post-87996-032109600 1506614534_thumb.jpg

post-87996-037298000 1506614552_thumb.jpg

post-87996-021855400 1506614560_thumb.jpg

post-87996-087950700 1506614568_thumb.jpg

post-87996-098338400 1506614578_thumb.jpg

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