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2018 AG Parlor Rosewood Cutaway

Dusty Wooddell

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I recently picked up my '18 AG Parlor Cutaway and I love it. I'm not entirely sure what differs between this AG model and last year's HP 665, but nonetheless, this little guitar produces big sound, as promised. The neck is fast and easy to play bluesy riffs on. Regarding the Richlite fretboard, I didn't have anything against it prior to purchasing this guitar, and having played on it for a few hours now, I can say with certainty that I have zero issues with Richlite - I'll leave that discussion alone for now.


The fit and finish of the guitar are nearly perfect, with my only complaint (not really a complaint) being the amount of orange peel left unbuffed on the neck. I'm sure that will smooth out with time, and it really is minimal and a non-issue for me. Anyway, here are a few pictures I was able to snap of it a few evenings ago.









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I like the playability aspect but I can't hang with the visual aspect of a cutaway on a jumbo or dread. It looks cute on a little micro jumbo like this though!


It seems identical to the HP665, does the AG have the richlite board and bridge? I was on the fence about Richlite initially but loved the feel of the Richlite on my Martin 00DB Jeff Tweedy. Silky and fast!

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