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And I love what you've done with the music room!!





old desk works for me . I took out an old couch and re arranged. This house will never be "absolutely clean" or "modern" We keep it up as we are able. My house was built in 1910 , it will never be "new" I maintain an antique home, works for me :)



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I was just messing with you, crust.


I love your guitars and I really love your amp collection, sir.




I'm happy to show , and I also hope all are happy to view and comment , ask any questions :) I worked diligently and actually quite "hard" , before I retired. I'm not rich or anything, just a bit frugal. I like guitars, and recreational fishing. and my family and good friends we all like that right :) . My 2 grown sons are pretty good musicians The both took lessons and were in the public school "marching" and "jazz" bands , as well as the high school "orchestra" . Both have more formal training sax and clarinet , than I could ever hope for...the "understand" music, imho 8 years of "band" and actually they really never complained . they like "music" and being in the school big band/jazz band a lot , I really enjoyed the school concerts great music director in this small city's high and grammar schools. ) My youngest son and my daughter in law are "here" . My oldest son is out of the house now :) . He works as machinist , making custom motorcycle components. They both play my guitars , quite a lot , actually :) I don't mind at all , their "girls" too When I did work , besides raising a family and working , guitars were my relaxation , and enjoyment ...they still are , obviously .


always fun when these 2 ladies are playing :) my best students :)






they can use any guitar , amp , or effect that they want :) and do , actually :) they both work too , which is good ...they are both very nice young ladies , but they drive me a bit bananas at times ...well , most times :)

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