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Gibson Memphis 2016 B.B. King Lucille Ebony (2016)


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Selling a Lucille is a mistake. I know, I did it twice and was lucky enough to buy the second one back.

Lecture aside, yours has the Richlite fret board and Gibson sets their prices according to a Ouija board at times.

The Big Rock Stars all played 335s so that's what people want even though the Lucille is a better guitar.


I figure 50-60% of retail when I'm guitar shopping but I'm also pretty frugal at times. I'm in the US so perhaps the Gibsons are more plentiful.

I'd check eBay's recent Sold Prices to get a better idea.

Hope this helps.



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Sorry you have to let go of Lucille! Lucille (ES-355) has lots of blings on it and the tri-maple neck is so stable.


I noticed it's now $7k here in the US. You might find comparable pricing on Ebay UK or even Reverb.com. This should give you what buyers are willing to pay. Advertize at 65% of current retail pricing in your area.


An older model 2010 is asking for $2400 in my area...Good luck!

Lucille SF craigslist

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