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I Scored My Dream Guitar - Holy S***!


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Beautiful guitar!...Youre like me' date=' you cant resist Heritage Cherry!

I like the see through covers too.




Thanks bro. I didn't get the most defined top but for $1900 brand new I think it was a steal. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to drill the pickguard into it or not. Probably because it affects my picking since I used my ring finger to gauge the height of my palm.

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Judas Preist rules +1

Metallica sometimes rules - I hope you're referring to pre Black album

Slipknot rules - Didn't they incorporate the rap thing too? If so' date=' they're a modern day Anthrax as far as I'm concerned

Iron Maiden rules


That's just about it...

lmao, nice guitar!




Thanks. I took the liberty of revising your post.

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Got my beauty on layaway.. A '58 custom shop les paul with gloss finish... If you want a great deal on a guitar check out Route 66 guitars at http://route66classicguitars.com/index.html ... Great' date=' great deals.[/quote']


Looks SPAMmy to me... and I just checked the site... you sure those are "great prices"?

(I am asking because I am not sure... maybe Timy will step in and tell us).

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