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Antigua's Analysis of a Gibson 57 Classic vs. an Epiphone Probucker-2

Leonard McCoy

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I recently stumbled upon Antigua's comprehensive technical analysis of a Gibson 57 Classic versus a stock Epiphone Humbucker (Probucker-2).




The analysis can be had in full over at the Strat Talk forum here.


In conclusion, the biggest differences Antigua found between the two pickups, apart from the massive price difference of USD 146.00, is the quality of the humbucker covers. "They are the only piece of metal that shows a significant difference, and even that is not real significant. The screws, slugs and baseplate are more or less identical."


"This particular Epi Neck humbucker is also clearly wound a bit hotter than the [Gibson] 57 Classic, though that's a matter of preference, rather than quality. Otherwise, they are largely identical. And of course, two wood spacers, for double dose of that "woody" wood spacer tone."

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I think all Epiphone pickups sound good. To me, even the most inexpensive Epiphone guitar pickups sound as if they "match" the instrument they were originally placed in. To me , the Epiphone pickups are well they are "gritty" with more "honk" They still sound like a perfect match. Even other "brands" like Fender/Squire (oh the horror) , Gretsch/DeArmond , Ovation/Applause . Even the Gibson/Maestro pickup things sound good , to me Yes , it seems to me , that most everyone changes out the pickups and tuners , maybe even the bridge and saddles too , Some " gut " the guitar, and install ":better" electronics , switches. Some do, I have , on a few, but it wasn't necessary , at all , just an "experiment" . Maybe my ears are going on me, but ...I kind of like the rough/raspy "tone" of "stock" pickups ...particularly the stock Epiphone ones...is it just me ? Actually , :) I'm satisfied with "stock" :) I do believe they match up , perfectly...imho . What do you think ?











perfect imho :)

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