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It's World Guitar Day!


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This SG is FINALLY on it's way! When I first posted this thread I had already ordered it online. A few days went by & nothing. Turns out they ran out and it was backordered. I finally got the shipping info via email today. Fedex is bringing this girl home this week. YEA!!! Finally [thumbup] Pictures as soon as she's here! :)

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Finally here! They've really stepped up their gig bags as shown here - wish I'd have known this as I have a hard shell case also being delivered today. Oh well - here's my new girl [thumbup]






Interestingly - they included the toggle switch plate but did not install it. Not that it's necessary to anyone who is familiar with Gibsons but just sayin.. For now I'm not going to bother putting it on. Looks fine without it. Now I have to go play her - she sure feels good [drool]



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