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Same note along at any fret


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example picture of what i have


I was changing the strings for the first time on my guitar and i think i messed it up. When i took the strings off the bottom part came off with them. I was cleaning between that and the bridge. I took off the bridge from the raisers it sits on to dust around. I accidentally started to turn the raisers as i was cleaning and messed up the height. I did not know where they were to begin with so i tried to make them as even as possible. I put the new strings on started with the low e and when i was testing the string out i noticed the same not on every fret. It does not change no matter where i put my finger on the fret. Anybody have any clue on how to fix this?Thankx

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to check the action , measure at the 12th fret , from top of fret to bottom of string should be 5/64 at low E and 3/64 at high E .

the action can be made faster by lowering it , but watch for rattles and buzz .


To check intonation, compare the pitch of a string that is

fretted at the 12th fret against the harmonic at the 12th fret (accomplished by touching

the string lightly with the left hand, without pressing it all the way to the fret). If

the fretted note is higher than the harmonic, the string should be lengthened by moving

the saddle toward the tailpiece until the two notes are the same. If the fretted note

is lower than the harmonic, the string length should be decreased

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The "bottom part" came off with them? If you were changing strings for the first time, I wouldn't recommend you try to get the action back in order on your own accord.


I'd recommend taking the guitar to a professional to help get the action back in order. Ask them what you should do when you change the strings to keep to correct the action, if need be.


They'll probably give you a crash course in how to keep the guitar in order between string changes.


I wouldn't recommend you do ANY work on your guitar with your apparent skill level, just yet. Just being honest, we've all been there at one point or another, but you want your guitar to be right.


Someone could show you how to get it right in no-time, and give you the basic tools to keep maintenance up on your instrument.

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awesome thankx for the help. I was messing around with the height today and figured it out that the bridge was way too low. I've got it almost right from eyeing it, but thankx for the measurements i'll see what i can do tomorrow when i pick up new strings..i'll have them look at it at the shop to make sure I didn't do anything else ha.

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