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one may need to enter a "anti-robot" code , probably "it" may take a little while to download and start probably :( :) :(





it is what it is I was a bit restless last evening "it" may take a "while" to download :) :( :)

Thank you for taking the time This thing is quite a pleasure , to me msp_thumbup.gif


thanks for taking the time . That thing can be d/l as an "mp3" also :) please be kind :)




may need an "anti-robot" code , maybe , most likely...not a virus file severer site Please wait for D/L it is a bit lengthy :)


what do you think ? thank you for taking the time. Yes ...well I did have a bit of fun , actually

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Work on the timing. Other than that, I liked it.

yes :( , thanks for taking the time :) I might have chosen a different bt. I just wanted to kind of show what that thing sounds like , an experiment. If I ever do such , again , which I may. I will move the mic and turn down , a little. Still experimenting. That was 3:30 AM lol thanks for the honest reply. I'm so bad lol :( :) ::) :( :)

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why thank you :) it was a very rainy dull day , and John Lennons birthday too so I made my kids laugh a bit by fiddling around with a couple of old tunes and such check these out if you and anyone else would be so kind I was quite bored on a dull drab rainy day. This lightened up the day a little thanks for taking he time all :)



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