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Winding Wheel


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Funny, I no longer own any Martin guitars, but will say Ryan Adam's "Winding Wheel" is one of the few songs that sounded better on a Martin dred than any of my Gibsons.To give the song a totally different feel try playing it tuned to open G. Sounds great, and I think this is how he played it at the Austin City Limits show. Your Martin sounds great, btw!

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Big RA fan here, and both the song and that D18 sound wonderful in your hands, Sal!


I had a pre-2012 style D18 (an ‘06, from before they shifted the bracing forward) and never bonded with it at all. I really wanted to, but it just wasn’t my flavour of pickle. The current ones (and certainly your one!) sound so much livelier and more punchy. If my ‘90 Hummingbird wasn’t such a perfect Hog/Sitka dread gem, I’d go shopping for a new one.

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Very nicely done Sal. Great balanced guitar sound that suits your voice perfectly.

I am struggling to get the chords right for this song in DGDGBD (what Ryan does)... No tab on internet is right.

I have something close to it, but still not exactely what he does especially during chorus chain of chords.



D x77500

Bm x44030

Bm2 x55030

Bm3 x55000

Am x22010

G x00000

C x02010



So buy a pretty dress


Wear it out tonight

Bm2 D

For anyone you think could out do me

Bm3 G C G C G

Or better still, be my winding wheel


I changed the last verse to this :


Bm3 G Bm3 Bm2 Am7 G C G

Or better still, be my winding wheel

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