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i am new on this forum. I play guitar for 13 years, mainly jazz, and own a gibson lespaul and an epiphone sheraton.

This forum seems to be full of information about epiphone and gibson.

I am looking to have information about my epiphone because i doesn't succeed to find information about it.

It's an epiphone sheraton with the serial number 14132.

Do you know where and when i was made?

Thank you,


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Hi CyJau,


Does the label look like any of these?



1962 Sheraton:





2012 '62 Sheraton Reissue:





1993 Sheraton:





Regarding the hardware, does it look like this 1959 Sheraton with Epiphone New York pickups:




...or this 1968 Sheraton with Gibson pickups?:



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I think what you have is an Epiphone Sheraton made at the Terada plant in Japan in 1991, very well made and regarded guitars.

Regarding the serial number, the first letter indicates the year (1 = 1991), the second letter indicates the type of guitar (4 = Sheraton).

The remaining 3 digits (132) refer to the production or batch number.

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