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dream les paul......

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wasn't the les paul originally designed by a Jazz legend' date=' made by a jazz legend, for the jazz legend?[/quote']


It was designed, mainly, by a guy called Larry Allers with input from John Huis to the general spec's set out under the auspices of Ted McCarty and Les Paul. The details were worked out by all of these people in conjunction with the patternmakers at the factory.


Les Paul was approached by McCarty to endorse the guitar, a contract was negotiated and the rest, as they say.....

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im not the wealthiest of people so i just wish i could afford robot or just a expensive one to show off at my friends zakk wyldes art on guitars pretty cool to me and mabe supreme in a black finish with the white edge round it yummy...




i quite like the look of this LP Artisan.



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ive always liked these.. cant find anything on the web about em. had to take the pic from a guitar history book




I'm not sure that I'll say anything that's not already in your book but this is what I know about the guitar in your post.


Introduced in 1976' date=' it was called, simply, 'The Les Paul'; emphasis on the 'The'. Very similar to the '76 Custom in features, it had a body made from solid Curly Maple; the 'purfling' (binding) being made from Rosewood. In fact, almost everything which would normally be made from plastic; the knobs, scratchplate, P-U rings etc., was made of Rosewood.


According to my sources, most were finished in clear lacquer, to show off the top to it's best advantage.


"Almost all of the skilled workmanship lavished on these very limited edition, and very expensive guitars, is the work of Gibson's wood wizard **** Schneider" [sic']


In 1976 it was listed at $ 3,000. To put this price in context I quote, from earlier in the same book;


"...Good examples (of original '58-'60 Standards) change hands for upwards of $ 3,000..."


Hope this is helpful.

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