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Black Beauty - Legit? Strange Serial Number.


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There is a decent Black Beauty for sale locally. The seller said he inherited the guitar, hence is playing "I don't know".

He states it did not have a tailpiece, so a local shop installed a "silver" one since a gold one was not in stock. The switch also is not gold, but there is no mention.

I find it odd a guitar would not have a tailpiece?

I ran the serial number and it says "not recognized". I0502054 My guess is Saien in 2005, but not sure. Any help would be appreciated.






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I'm no expert on Epi LP's (only having owned one example) but that horn point is 100% the same as almost every single one of the Chinese fakes we see over in the sister Gibson LP sub-forum .


I'm quite happy to be told I'm wrong by those better informed.



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Epi-Talk has a thread on serial numbers, if I am decoding this one as it is, Saein Korea in 2005, the rest is the production number.


But there are a couple items that don't look quite right, the tailpiece in not centered, and the lower strings are pitching over, the high "E" is out of its saddle.


I would need more photos, but I would be suspicious of it.


As to why would someone fake an Epi, well a 100 dollar Chibson made into a 800 Epi is easier to sell then to try and sell it as a 5000 dollar Gibson.


It's like counterfeiting money, you hand someone a new 100 dollar bills, they will go a check them, hand then 5 new 20's, and they won't bat and eye at it. It's just easier.


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