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Carvin audio closes factory

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Found out about this last night. Major bummer to hear and see a company who has been around for so long go under. So, everything on the audio side is done. Amps, mics, PA systems, mixers, etc. Nothing on the instrument side. Says in the article that the future of the whole company is uncertain. There's a liquidation sale going on now on the audio site. From my knowledge, when Carvin started doing the Kiesel guitars 2 or 3 years ago, the company/family kind of separated with part of the family handling the instrument side and the other part handling the audio side. I wonder if that had anything to do with this? Or something else that went bad. Major bummer, indeed. [crying] Thought I'd share. If anybody else has any more info about this, please share.


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You can buy PA stuff at the grocery store these days maybe?




I can remember back when that Carvin Catalog would show up in the mail............SO much stuff that we had no access to at the time........We had no clue of quality, but just to see it made us hooked on the name........


Today.......between big box shops and online, one hundred times the amount of stuff is the push of a button away.



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