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2015 Gibson ES-335 - Speedbump frets when sliding


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Hello all,


I have a question. I am new to the ES-335 and have been used to Fenders my whole life and acoustics. I have noticed with my 2015 ES-335 that when I slide, especially on the G,B,E higher strings It feels like my fingers continuously hit the frets. I have seen it described as "Speed bumps" and it generally makes sliding quite difficult. What could be causing this? Is it simply poor technique? or does it sound as though it could be something more?


While on the subject of frets, I also get a scraping type sound when bending as the strings rub along the fret. The guitar is a 2015 and was recently set up and the tech said all looked okay. I am starting to wonder if I need a new tech. Strings on it are Elixirs, been on there about 2 months and don't show any sign of rusting. Any advice? Thanks!

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If you are used to Fenders, speed bumps on Gibson could be due to the differing frets. Fenders are fatter vs thinner Gibson frets.


Gritty or sandy frets when bending...you need to polish your frets. Quick fix, you can use 600 sandpaper then Mother's Mag polish. Use painter's blue tape to protect the fretboard or a fret protector.



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Hi t-m-m.....and welcome to the forums.....[thumbup]


The issues described sound slightly vague unless they can be observed in person....


Fret height and fingerboard radius will play a part.....Gibson vs Fender....


Personally no issues experienced playing ES335 compared to Fender Strat and Tele.....


Suggest you visit a friendly shop and play a different ES335 to make comparisons....


Talking face to face with guitar in hand to someone with knowledge should pinpoint any issues....


Good Luck....!!





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My son only plays Fenders and he always comments on rough speedbumps on Gibsons. Thicker med jumbo frets are less bumpy than skinny frets. Gibson also has a bus top contoured fret crowing vs. Fender's rounded crowing top. You can crown the Gibson frets more to make them rounder or feeling less of a sharp edge.


I'm just use to both types, and don't notice the "speed bump" plek'd Gibson frets.

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On 7/5/2020 at 1:50 PM, merciful-evans said:

Speed bumps? Sometimes I think I must be the sole person on the planet to let go of the strings/neck before shifting position.

I find 'sliding' to be slower. Its also noisy sliding over wound strings. 

We got dupped again this is a thread form 2017.

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There are a large number of old thread resurrections always from newbies. 

I had thought this was one fellow, creating sock puppets & messing about. But now I see another where someone has replied to a 9 year old thread but clearly done some research into it, so I really don't know. Got to remember to check those dates!

I'm re-posting this as a new thread so set your deja vu alarms to stand-by.

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