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Darn, Darn and Double Darn......


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Carvin is hanging it up.


I sensed something was weird after the audio split with the guitar side, there simply wasn't much attention paid to the website and nothing was in stock.




I never owned one of their guitars, but have had Carvin gear around for the last 25/30 years. The AG100D acoustic amp has been bulletproof and is used almost daily for probably 15 years.


I also own the R1000 bass amp with a 4;10 cab with the redeye horn. Monster of a bass rig, 1000 watts. And I have a Carvin monitor that is well over 20 years old.


My friend/business partner has a TON of Carvin p.a. gear, and we still use it all the time, and he also owns a Bel Air 50 watt tube combo and one of the 100 watt tube combos as well.


I don't think the kids cared for the audio division, but I don't see the guitar side keeping them going but what the he11 do I know. It's kind of sad though, the AG300 was getting a lot of respect and it was nice to be able to buy American gear for a decent price.


And so it goes....

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