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The Muse (original song)


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This is a work tape, that's all. A 1-track recording done on iPad.


This is quite an unusual lyric. I am needing to know if it has any merit. Not the recording, but the lyric, the story.


Guitar is Taylor 8-string baritone tuned B to B with capo on fret 2, so, that means a G-chord is an E. Key of E.






I decided to make this a boy loses girl song. I like the song, it will be a cool 50s-style dance song and this lyric idea fits better. Probably, lol. Here is a new 1-take recording, I have a football game to watch, this one will have to do for now, lol.


This is in the same key but this is a J45 capo'd at 4th fret.





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Well played, well sung...........but the lyric doesn't do much for me, even as a songwriter myself. There's not much here for the average, non-mucisian listener to grab hold of and relate to. And the melody feels very familiar....can't pin to anything specific but it seems like I've heard it before.......somewhere.

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I like the melody, performance, and easy going style. As for the lyrics, I think it depends on what you aim for. I do think that someone who is not a musician and who has not tried writing a song might have a hard time to relate. Maybe, you should play it to some non-musician friends too and get their opinion. Also, I think it depends on where you want to take the song. Do you aim for something light hearted, or something more serious in the "protest singer" style?


Either way, I enjoyed your song.



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