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Thinking about getting a 33*


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Hi guys,

I played strictly Jazz for some years before moving to other music genres (country, rock, Chet Atkins stuff). My instrument of choice is been a Gibson ES 165 Herb Ellis, but now I'm using a 1975 Telecaster for almost everything and a Gretsch 6122 for fingerpicking. I still play some Jazz but my 165 is collecting dust since almost two years now.

I'm thinking about selling my ES 165 and getting an ES 335, or ES 330, something more versatile for other music genrses but still good for Jazz. I'm curious about those P90 on the 330 but I'm not sure about feedback problems.

A friend of mine gave me his 335 for a while and I liked it a lot for Jazz. It's more "electric" sounding compared to an archtop, the sound is very fat and more modern sounding.

Any advice is good, thanks.

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How your 165 handles feedback should give you some idea of how a 330 would behave.


I tend to agree with FZfan, but if you are certain you wont miss your 165 then a 335 will be more versatile. In terms of sound, I think of semi-hollowbodies as a halfway house between solidbody & hollowbody tones.

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Before spending the money on a 335, play a 336 or 356 if you can find one. They have a deeper richer tone (more suitable for jazz IMO than a 335) due to their mahogany back/sides and maple top. They are also a bit smaller and much more comfortable to play and suitable for any genre (jazz, rock, blues, country). Once you try one you will love it guaranteed.



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Hi emicad.....[thumbup]


Guitars are a very personal thing....choosing what to spend money on can be fun and very stressful......:blink:


Personal journey has included an early 90's ES165....Tri Burst figured ES335 and Vintage Burst ES330


Some jazzers make great sounds with an ES335....others prefer a fully hollow electric...


I notice John Scofield is playing a Telecaster a lot nowadays....dry.gif


Bear in mind the ES330 has Epiphone Casino DNA.....so much 60's pop, r 'n b, blues etc is within grasp....


As is often the case....playing a guitar in a band at stage volume can make any decision easier....[thumbup]





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