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Choosing Best Gibson Guitar

Jason  Sprigg

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I can't understand why that site recommends "Maestro" acoustics as "the best Gibson guitar" lol msp_biggrin.gif good , maybe but better than an actual USA built Gibson acoustic msp_confused.gifmsp_scared.gifunsure.gifmsp_crying.gif...Like , get real.....definitely...get real lol :( lol msp_unsure.gifdry.gifmsp_rolleyes.gif

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Can I choose the best Gibson guitar by this site? What is your opinion?




That site is a joke. I agree with the others that you should look elsewhere for reviews. I am personally partial to user reviews on YouTube. Are you looking for a real Gibson or a Maestro? A Maestro is a low quality beginner guitar. A Gibson acoustic is going to start around $1,500 USD. Epiphone has some great acoustics as well.


I would avoid every recommend guitar on that site as they are all low priced junk.

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I had a Maestro once. Once. Someone left it by the trash bin in an apartment complex and I picked it up and took it home. It was awful. The sound wasn't great at all. The neck was bowed and the strings at least a mile and a half off the fretboard. I later took it to a pawn shop for trade for some games for my kids. We got $50.00 out of it. In most cases, you get what you pay for. I don't know where those guys got their information from or who the author was but seeing those recommendations makes me think they just threw up a website with absolutely no clue about guitars. I'm also fairly certain that English isn't their first language either. I'm no acoustic guitar expert but some of the things in their descriptions made me go, "Huh?" See below:


Sound And Fashion​


You need a guitar that sounds greats, is amusing to play, and will get the pastime completed for future years. You need a device you'll love, and one which meets your expectations for sound great and craftsmanship. At this charge, you have a proper to be choosy.


First Rate Electronics​


Because you'll probably need to extend your acoustic electric powered guitar, finding one which has best electronics is especially vital. Immoderate nice electronics will provide true tones, notable maintain and almost undetectable static/interference.


Be Anxious Board Manufacturing​


Make sure you buy a guitar that has a satisfactory be anxious board manufacturing is essential. In case you want to make sure advanced playability and strings that reputedly sound forever, the worry board wood is pretty crucial.


Remarkable Wood Frame Cloth​


The sort of timber used for the frame of the guitar will have a tremendous impact at the following sound for each plugged and unplugged gambling. Terrific woods together with spruce and sapele are super acoustic electric powered guitars.​

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The electric guitar recommendations are almost as funny:




They picked the lowest of low end guitars and are calling them the best? Maybe best under $200.00 or so? I particularly like the "Con" of the Gibson Maestro Single Cutaway Electric Guitar. ​Cons: It is expensive.


Checking the price, I get this from Amazon: Gibson Maestro Single Cutaway Electric Guitar, Ebony, with Amp and Accessories Price: $149.99 With Deal: $99.99


Ooh, $99.00 AND that includes the amp? Yeah, that's a real bank breaker.


And, looking at the Cons of the Schecter: "It has no neck straps." What? Strap button is RIGHT THERE! Unless they meant it doesn't come with a strap. Another deal breaker and bank buster there.


And the Squier Affinity Strat: "It is way expensive."


I wouldn't use any recommendations or reviews from this site at all, ever. It looks like a 12 year old with bad English skills wrote and designed it. $100.00 is a lot for a kid or somewhere else in the world where they don't make much money.


Bad site. Bad reviews. Run while you can! :)

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I might get one of the 39 buck classical things on there , maybe....39 buck beater classical....then, I'd have the best guitar ever the best 39 dollar guitar lol the photo of it , looked ok . I suppose I could plunk a 39 dollar classical guitar just as badly as a 39 thousand dollar classical guitar ....most likely lol :) :( :)

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If you are really in the market for an electric guitar here are some basic considerations.

1. What style do you play or are going to play An Epiphone Sheraton Pro II is a wonderful choice for rock, blues, and country, but if you are going to play metal or smash style. I'd look to a solid body.

3. What is your budget for everything you need. This includes the guitar, a hard case, couple of sets of strings, tuner, picks and a capo.

4. What is your time frame of need. If you have the time to save, then do it. The $100-$300 unit will play okay , but won't hold a candle to the $400-$600.

5. How many, that fit into items 1-4 have you played?


Here is my example. I really always wanted a Gretsch. I thought they were cool, sounded remarkable, and were a breeze to finger. So I went looking, and playing many different makers units in the style I wanted. Then the

guy at the guitar store said, "try one of these". It turned out to be the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro. It sounded just like I wanted, was ebony black and gold (I wanted the cherry) but the big thing is that it fit my hand better so

the fingering was easier. Prices were comparable and though they didn't have the hard case for it (think Christmas list), I was close to the budget. Point is that you've got to play them. This is an investment, not only in money, but

in pleasure, and you want it to be something you want to pick up and play.


Well I hope that help a bit.

Good luck.

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The Gibson Maestro's I have put my hands on were mediocre at best. My friend bought an SG (like a g-310) and the fingerboard was so rough,

I swear you could almost get splinters in your fingers.And the pickup was super cheap sounding.

ALL of my Epi's, from Jr's up have decent fingerboards, fret finish may be only fair, but a lot better than a Maestro.

You couldn't give me one unless it was cold and I needed to build a fire.

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