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Another guitar show in London


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Just a heads up in case anyone wants to come.. Should be a cool day. I have just confirmed I will be showing my guitars here which is the same as last year for those who came being held at Kempton Park Racecourse.


I hear that Phil Harris will be there showing off a 58, 59 and 60 burst... :) Shame I wont get to see any of that but obviously anyone who wants to come and say hello and try my latest creations out will be more than welcome :)




And for those that don't know.. This is what will be on display..





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Cheers man.. This will be my fourth show.. Im cool with it now.. Its just the getting up really early (ive never been good at that) and the constant guitar noise im going to have to put up with all day :) (I mean really, its a horrid mess of widdle, power chords, bass riffs etc etc) (but I will live)


This weekend im going to see someone who saw me at the last show a few weeks back about a total from scratch build so that may well have paid off nicely. I wasn't going to do this one and if it were a two day show id maybe not be doing it.. But in the end I decided especially at the stage im at that I have to keep pushing to get anywhere.. So we will see :)

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Hope you do well.

Sell 'em up!!!

Cheers... And well one can only hope :) But is unlikely... A lot of people don't go to these shows to spend a grand.. They go to look about, see whats new and maybe buy some strings or a case or something.. Ive been told this many times by people much more experienced than me... Still I have sold at a show so you never know :)


Its mainly about making contacts and speaking to as many people as I can and getting as many of them to try one of my guitars as I can..

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right...I was going to suggest you take a mop and large pair of scissors.

Haha.. yes I guess it can mean that.. But its not a word many people use these days..


For me these days, the only widdle I talk about is guitar widdle.. And yes. strangely enough it can be a bit like a pissing contest ;)

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Good luck Rabs! Hope this show results in another sale or two!

Thanks :)


And yes, heres hoping.. You never really know whats going to happen or who you are going to meet at these places.. These shows are always more for getting your name out there a bit..


I will report back after the show :)

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