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Studio deluxe?


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That last post was a link to the picture. Can't figure out exactly how to get a picture uploaded here properly



You can post pics by uploading to https://imgur.com/ once they are up there, use the BB Code it gives you and copy that link directly in to your post.


And yes that does look like a deluxe as it has gold hardware (which they don't always come with but its a good sign). And yes it looks like a fire burst colour.



Enjoy [thumbup]


Update... I just had a look around. And it seems that its not a deluxe but just a regular Studio.. If this is the same guitar...





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Well if you want to know for sure the best thing to do is to email Gibson Customer Service with the serial number and pictures of the guitar.. Full front and back pics and a close up of the front and back of the headstock is what they usually want to see.

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So I got a hold of Gibson customer service and they gave me the info I was looking for. It isn't a Studio Deluxe which Guitar Center was claiming. It's just a Studio wi th gold hardware. No big deal I guess because I love the guitar. It's fire burst color and has the 490r and 498t combo

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