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Tonight I'll use this


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Normally in my twangy trio I use a Champ or a Princeton or a Deluxe Reverb. But tonight I get

the rare treat of playing with a bigger classic rock band at an outdoor gig in Dunnellon...


Accordingly I figured I had to bring the JTM45! Hold onto your butts...



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Did anyone record any sound clips? How high were you able to turn up? Clean or dirty they sound great



crank her up !



Crunch!! [thumbup]


I had the input volumes jumpered with both set at about one o'clock and the master volume wide open.... but I used one of my attenuators on it. That way I get the sound I want from the power tubes but any level I want. The attenuator was at about 10:00. It was not super loud but had a nice crunch - especially with a pedal or two. And we had a mic on it.



What did you play through it mostly? Awesome, party on


I used a Tele all night. It seemed to fit the set list better than the LP or SG would. Plus I love my Teles.

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