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XS-15FPA Custom

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Does anyone know which electronics parts fit the XS-15FPA Custom bass? The parts list on the Steinberger.com site doesn't differentiate from 4 and 5 string Synapse basses. I find it hard to believe that the piezo bridge pickup will fit both. According to the website, these are the part numbers for all the parts that fit Synapse 5-string basses:



* 5-String Bass Guitar – High C (.105, .085, .065, .045, .029) SST-110

* 5-String Bass Guitar – Low B (.128, .105, .085, .065, .045) SST-111


* Synapse Bass Hard Case SHC-101


* Bass Synapse - Strap Hook w/ screws (2) SSH-101

* All Synapse - Strap Button w/ Screw (1) & Washer (1) SSB-100


* All Synapse - Large Knob (1) SKB-100

* All Synapse - Small Knobs (1) SKB-101


* All Synapse - Hex Wrench Set (2 - 1.5mm & 2.0mm) SAW-100

* All Synapse - Saddle Clamp Pad w/ Set Screw SBR-103

Fixed Bridge

* Bass Synapse Saddle - Saddle w/ screws (2) One Fits All SBR-105

* Bass Synapse String Jaw - Jaw (1) One Fits All SBR-107


* Bass Synapse Pickup - EMG 40P5 (1) SPU-104


* Bass Synapse Harness - Active PCB w/ Pots (4) SEL-102

* Bass Synapse Control Cover - Black w/ screws (4) SEL-106


* Bass Synapse Headpiece - Headpiece w/ screws (2) SHP-101


* Bass Synapse Piezo - Piezo AsseMbly w/ wiring SPZ-101

* Bass Synapse Saddle - Ebony SPZ-105

* Bass Synapse Saddle - Steel SPZ-106

* Bass Synapse Saddle - Graphite SPZ-107


* Bass Synapse Bridge Screw Kit - All Hex Screws (5) MH-102

* Bass Synapse Head Screw Kit - All Hex Screws (5-Dome Set Screw-6x1mm Thread x 6mm) SMH-104


I'm trying to troubleshoot my ailing bass but why bother if I can't get the correct parts once I find the defective ones?

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