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kelly campbell

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The wife and I are currently vacationing in SOCAL in the San Clemente area, I stopped in the Guitar Center in Lake Forrest and saw a a couple things I had not seen before. Obviously the 2018 models I had not seen before like the Parlor, the one I saw was sunburst and a Hummingbird natural cut-out, which by the way played beautifully. Has anyone had a chance to play the '18's yet? I was only able to play the Bird, and it was great. The other thing that caught me off guard was that all the high end acoustics were individually locked on their hanger, I have never seen that before. There is no such thing in my neck of the woods yet. I am not a fan because I do not like having to ask for each one I want to try. Oh well it was still great to get into a store that actually have planty of acoustics and neww Gibby stock.

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The Parlor doesn't appear to be on the Gibson Acoustic website.


What exactly is it?


I notice a lot more cutaway models of everything under the sun.


Ain't that the truth about Gibson's fascination with cutaways as of late. I guess folks today are a different breed from that in the 1950s when Gibson pulled the plug on the CF-100 because they did not sell.


Looks kind of like the AG Parlor is an attempt at a plainer version of the J-165 Rosewood.

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