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Greetings all!

Bad penguin

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Long time Gibson owner, first time poster.


A few words about me. My first REAL guitar was a 72 Paul Custom. That was followed by a 65 SG, 67 Melody Maker SG, 67 ES330, then a 67 Non Reverse Firebird. All long gone, to pay rent, mortgages, etc etc. The 80's and 90's were hard times for the traveling musician!


Currently in my stable I have, a 78 L6S, 81 Paul Custom Silverburst. (Originally cut for a Kahler, and then reverted back to normal with the hole left open.) UGLIEST color ever by the way, an 80's Sonix 180. (buried in the closet needing work. I HATE the damnable thing) 97 Blueshawk, an 02 Paul Voodoo, and a '13 ES139. That's it for my Gibby's. (I have about 60 others floating around. Now you know why my wife calls me guitarded! [rolleyes]


Been a tech and a musician for 30 odd years, started off by playing bass. (first bass, a 67 or so EB3L) And decided to switch over to guitar some 20 years ago. Worked for Martin, worked for Ibanez, and worked in various chains around the country. Hopefully, I can add some insight where needed. Now ok, time to whisper about the newcomer while his back is turned!

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