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Thank you. I sent Rob photos of it, it's really not mine and then it is. I'll explain, it's my son's guitar. He asked me way back which guitar he should get, a Gibson high end guitar or a Epiphone? I told him since he doesn't even play, get a Epiphone so he bought this Limited Edition Custom Pro and never plays it. He told me he wanted to sell it and payed somewhere from $800.00 - $900.00 for it. Thought, I'm not paying that much for it. I Gave him Thousands of dollars worth of guns, rifles and shotguns to fill his safe so asked if he'd give me a deal on it. He gave it to me and said have fun playing it Dad. If he ever wants to learn or play in the future I told him he can have it back but he said he had no intentions of ever playing it. It has a gorgeous grain to it close up and I was shocked how nice it sounds. For a cheaper guitar, it puts my Gibson Gold Top Standard to shame and it was almost $4,000.00 in 2007 new. This guitar has more tone and volume and lots of sustain my gold Top doesn't have. Very impressed with it.

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