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What guitar is this?


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I disagree. Gigged one for years. No Martin, Gibson, Unobtanium 9000, nothing comes close to how well an Ovation does electric acoustic with no hassles. If you are going from Tele or Strat or Les Paul to acoustic and you just want to pick it up and go it can't be beat. I kinda regret selling mine, it was an expensive Custom Legend from Connecticut, shoulda kept it I guess.



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Ovation's plastic rounded back acoustics were the worst thing in acoustics to ever be invented.


Oh man, yes. I agree, but only about the round-back shape.

I don't like the round-backs at all.


They roll up on you, they are clumsy, and I really can't bear to play them.


But my earlier sentiments regarded the Ovation solid-body electrics, the Deacon and the Breadwinner.


Really cool electric guitars.



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Mine drove me crazy. That rounded back was a major pain in the arse. Glad it is gone.


I , at one point in time , obtained and did own an "Applause" shallow bowl round back thing. It didn't slip like a "full" round back , was OK to play , good action , and sound was great. I may obtain another ... Amazon "points" , I probably will , soon . I traded it towards an Epiphone Riviera P93 , which I enjoy , quite a bit , also ...well more than quite a bit , I love the things , actually :)




It was a pretty OK instrument imho oh yes it was :) really :)

this is better :) maybe :) certainly different :) and I like it :) a lot :)


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