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Modern wiring on gibson sg out of factory?


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Hello everybody!

I think about upgrating my standard sg 2002: new pots, PIO bumblebee caps and new wiring.

After many research, I understand there are 2 main types of wiring style : vintage/50’s style or « modern » style (for exemple, see at http://www.mylespaul.com/threads/confused-50s-wiring-content.367558/)


Before touching my guitar, I would like to understand its current wiring: i notice that on the tone pots, the capacitors connect to an outside lug. I’m not a expert, but it seems that this wiring does not exactly correpond to the « modern wiring » we can see on many diagrams on internet in which the capacitors connect to the middle lug of the tone pots.

Do you know the type of wiring diagram we have on gibson (LP or SG) from 1990’s/2000’s? Is it equivalent to a « modern wiring »

Thank for help!



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Guest Farnsbarns

50s wiring has the tone control in series with the volume. Modern has it in parallel. As a result, the volume control also darkens tone with 50s wiring where as it's more independent with modern wiring. 50s wiring, however, seems to interact with the front end of the amp better.


If you don't have an understanding of these concepts, pay a few quid to someone who does.

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