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Dont know how to feel re: vintage


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I have been watching a few vintage models over the past year or so... crazy how on Ebay and even some on Reverb more and more over the past two years or so, most of the vintage guitars on there are for sale from Japan. You can literally see the shift and tide turning. I have heard stories how Japan guitar dealers set up tables at big guitar shows here in the states, They walk around with wads of cash and only buy , buy , I never witnessed it but it must be true. . Man I have no issue at all with that, but my problem is that they take the guitars are off to Japan for a 30-40% mark up and there they sit on Ebay. Go ahead look up a vintage J 45 or a Dove and see how many are in Japan for sale. Pretty soon, a man wants a vintage Dove or a J 45 like he used to play when he was a kid, he is going to have to pay a 40% mark up and get it from Tokyo. Sign of the times I guess.


Yeah, I get it, there are a few vintage guitar dealers here in the states also, that I dont have much use for either, but Jesus!!. Look at some of the prices on these things in Japan. All buy it now, broken english in the descriptions and no negotiations.


I am going to have to get my bucket list completed, before its too late, and a 68 dove will cost me 15 grand.


I get capitalism, supply and demand, Hell someone must be paying that. Right? But Just wow. very surprised the past year or so with the speed that all of this has happened, they have definitely cornered , or are near cornering the market on Vintage Gibsons, Martins, Fenders.


Does any change ever happen for the better?



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Oh jeez. "...the past year or so...". No man.


You can thank the US dealers and shows for having these guys come in 20, 25 years ago. They set up a few tables sure, but they don't walk around. It was the first place anyone with an old guitar went because they would just pay, and usually pay lots.


Our dealers and shows let them do that. It's been over for a long time now, that stuff stopped probably by 08 or so it wasn't really happening all that much anymore. Our dealers know what it means to be stuck with old guitars that just aren't worth what the tag says, so they were glad to let them guys buy them up. It beats buying and selling the same 56 Tele through 5 or 6 dealers in two or three shows.



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