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2015 SG & Gibson Strings


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As you know I introduced myself recently to the Gibson forum.

Here is something interesting I discovered. I bought the 2015 SG from Long & McQuade here in Toronto. It was a slightly used rental. I asked the clerk to throw in a set of replacement strings. The clerk asked what I usually used & I told him I had always been a Fender man & pick some strings for me to try out with this SG. So he goes to the strings section of the store and comes back with a set of Gibson Vintage reissue strings. After spending several hours taking the guitar apart & tightening up the loose pots, jack & adjusting the neck I proceeded to replace the strings & intonate the guitar. I quickly discovered that no matter what I did whenever I played a chord the intonation sounded like ****. I mean it really sounded super crappy. After messing around with it for a couple of days I was about ready to take this guitar back or stuff it in the closet. I was tempted to try using a set of Fender bullets on it since I had a few spare sets for my Fender guitars about, but ended up buying a set of Elixir NanoWeb strings. I took out my trusty very well used Kline side cutters & chopped off the strings and replaced them with the set of Elixir Nano Web strings I purchased. Checked the intonation, still spot on. Now this SG sounds like a guitar is supposed to sound, chords sound rich & harmonious. Who knew that Gibson strings don't work well on a Gibson guitar? Go figure.

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