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Help Please - very unusual LP Junior needs ID

Bass Bowel Blaster

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Hi Folks - I have this pretty unusual LP Junior Special, I've never seen one like it, Gold/Silver/Green wierd paintjob, silver is the base coat judging by the overspray in the rear cavity.


Rear Cavity has a large 2 pickup style cover and cavity, not the usual small cover.


Paint has a beautiful crackle/aged finish.


Gibson tuners are color matched to the paint (might just be a coincidence).


Plays great, sounds great, all my Gibson owning friends love it, but what the heck is it ???


Gibson did not produce any Juniors in '83, or so I've been told.


Any help greatly appreciated, love it and it plays great but it's a bit of a mystery!












Thanks for any help !!

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Hope this helps:


Guitar Info

Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

November 18th, 1983

Production Number: 42




Gibson: Nashville

Gibson’s Nashville plant was opened in Tennessee 1974. All electric models and some acoustic models currently made at this factory. This facility has an average production rate of 220 guitars a day. Each guitar is built by hand and takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Note: Most hollow and semi-hallow body guitars are made at a separate plant in Memphis Tennessee. This facility has an average production rate of 40 guitars a day.

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