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Mark Knopfler on Guitars...


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I know this same clip was posted here a while back (by Rabs I believe) but I saw this clip again quite by chance today and I thought it might be entertaining for some of the newer members who would have missed the earlier thread to have a peek at how interesting are his views and insights and just how annoyingly talented the bugger is...




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I recently saw this video. Good stuff. What a humble man to break it down to the struggle.

All beginners go through this.

It is amazing how it starts to make sense and fit in one day.

Great discussion!

In this case 'old'....lol

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I have seen the video before, but this time I paid more attention to it. Mark K. really has a lot of down to earth tips and seems to be very humble and sincere.


I am not a bad guitar player nor a great guitar player, but watching this video gives me inspiration to keep on going. That J45 he played was my favorite, though


every guitar he showed and played sounded great to my ears.


I like the way he started out with the good old E minor chord, play that over and over and hope you don't annoy anyone.






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