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ES-336 1996


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Hi All,


This is my first post on this Forum. As of last Saturday I'm the proud owner of my first Gibson guitar.

It's an ES-336 from 1996 in a sunburst finish. It has the snakehead headstock and is an extremely good condition. Even the case is nearly new.


I bought it, as I think is normal for a vintage guitar, secondhand. I got it checked and everything was ok. The 57 classics were both perfect and the wood, neck, nut and fretting was as new.

The paperwork was ok aswel.


However, you can never be to careful. I'm a student and paid for this with my savings so I would like that my investment is a good one.


Does anyone of you know something about the 'guaranteed orange sticker' in the guitar? Mine is missing. It's a custom shop model and I've been told that these people were not very consistent with everything.


When you look on reverb.com, you can clearly see an ES-336 from the same year (1996) with such a sticker inside of the F-hole. Mine however doesn't have one. Is it maybe due to the color because this one was a cherry one, mine is sunburst. I've send an email to Gibson to verify my serial, I just have to upload some pictures now.


I hope someone can help me out. I'm quite the novice to this. Especially because it's my first higher-end guitar and I always wanted to own a Gibson as my first REAL BEAST.


Thank you very much in advance!


Greets from Belgium,


post-88539-084319600 1510140007_thumb.jpg

post-88539-023508000 1510140077_thumb.jpg

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Guest Farnsbarns

Investment? If you're hoping the value goes up faster than inflation in think you'll be disappointed.


96 isn't vintage, it's second hand. It's unlikely that value will increase much from where we are. They're currently high and coming down.


It is, however, a beautiful guitar which should be played and enjoyed.

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Interesting guitar - I didn't realize that they made 336s back in 1996, although it changed quite a bit in 2001 with the addition of the center block carved into the back/sides mahogany and some top bracing. The body shape also changed with the upper bout being smaller now, and no belly carve. In 2001 they designated them as CS336 where previously they were known as ES336.


One of the few Gibsons I've seen with that headstock and the straight string pull, Schaller tuners, belly carve, and rear access panel on a semi-hollow. Also the headstock break angle looks to be less than the usual Gibson 17 degrees, and with that straight string pull it should stay in tune really well.


Don't worry about the orange label, most ES guitars have them, some don't as long as the serial number works out (it should start with a 6) you're fine.


Not sure it will increase in value, but it should hold it's own. It is the first year of the ES336 and has unique features. Enjoy

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