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New member - J35 neck profile question


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Hi there!


New member here and proud owner of a 1991 J30 and a 2012 L-00 TV, both of which are just fantastic instruments.


I'm in the market for a J35 reissue, a model I've loved since they were brought out in 2013.


I was wondering if the neck profiles on these ("Round", as Gibson calls it) have changed at all since they were introduced or if they have remained relatively consistent.


Over the last few years, I have had a number of these in my hands. There have been very subtle variations in the neck feel between certain examples, but nothing drastic. They have all seemed to be in the ballpark of a medium C shape that feels relatively full. None had what I would call a bona fide chunky/fat neck...still nice and fullish, though.


The 2017 Gibson spec sheet shows .803" at the first fret for the J35. On the earliest examples from 2013, were the necks pretty much the same or were they commonly any thicker/chunkier?


By comparison, my '91 J30 has a clearly fattish, chunky neck with a deeper U shape. Probably around 1" at the first fret. Love that neck. If earlier J35 reissues had more of that kind of neck, I'd love to find one. The ones I've tried, though, do again have a very nice full feel.


Thanks a lot for the help,


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