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An Interesting Advertisement


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An advertisement was published recently with an 'historic' SJ 200 for sale.


Unfortunately there was no serial number in the text and the only photo

that might have been useful, had the legible serial number redacted. This

appears to have been done with an Apple pencil facility. See photo no. 3.


Any thoughts?





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I have been sent the following, "Serial Number 03115015 Bozeman Plant, MT, USA on November 7th, 2005

Production Number: 15." I think the 7th should be the 3rd of November but the year and rest of serial number looks OK.


I think I'll go for it with a trial and a little haggle. As Jalex has said, it looks ok and the price is about right.

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Somethings dodgy , the guys name is Paul and everyone in Wales is called Gareth



Good luck and keep us informed of what happens !!


Wonder if his last name is Jones, Williams or Evans. If not I'd pass on it😂

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