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Hey guys, I was needing some help with my pedals and there order. here's what I got,


Bosss DS-1

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Line 6 echo

mxr phase 90

digitech flanger

boss tr-2

dunlop crybaby


I've messed around with the order and each time it sounds like the ds-1 pedal just ruins the sounds of other pedals.


thanks for the help in advance!

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I don't know who makes up these rules, but generally speaking you would put vintage germanium fuzz boxes early in the chain so they respond to the guitar's volume control, otherwise you kind of want something with a buffer in it early in the chain so it will drive all that extra cable length (think about it, there's an extra 10 or 20 feet of cable from the board to the amp, and more feet than you'd imagine going in between them). The Boss pedal tuner is a popular option for that role - an early buffer.


Otherwise you can put the wah before the distortion and they interact nicely - more gain when the pedal is down, so to speak (with distortion before the wah pedal it's more of a funk groove porno soundtrack sound, distortion after the wah is more of a blues/rock sound).


Last thing to consider is how the modulation or delay pedals affect things. The trem, if placed before the distortion, will clean up and get gritty as the volume goes up and down, probably not what you wanted. The delay would work the same way - the repeats would get cleaner as they soften out if it's before the distortion. So I prefer trem and delay and reverb at the end of the chain (besides trem and reverb in vintage amps came basically after the preamp gain stages so they're late in the signal chain there, too). Come to think of it, the volume pedal before a distortion box would also clean up the sound as you back off, which may or may not be what you want (you have the guitar's volume knob to adjust gain, the pedal would probably be more for swells so maybe you want it after the distortion). As for the flanger, I dunno, I haven't found a chorus or flanger that isn't noisy.


Noise, okay that's another issue. My Boss trem pedal seems to misbehave in certain places in the chain and puts out an oscillating hiss depending on whether it's early or late (Voodoo Lab power supply helped but did not eliminate the problem so I don't use the boss trem anymore).


So basically, divide the pedals by type (distortion, wah, modulation, delay) and see what category goes in a good order, then just try flipping them around within the category as a final tweak to the order. Nice thing is, there really are no rules. Except wah-before-fuzz. Some guys are adamant about that one.

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And again...





Please if you are going to share this with anyone else make sure you tell them I made it (or just dont cut the part that says "elaborado por...". I dedicate lots of the little amount of "free" time to teaching and I dont mind sharing what I can in the forums, but I just found some graphs I posted a while ago here (and on a local forum/web) in a web of some local idiot that posted them as his work, and even cut the part with my name, he has some students and has been printing my stuff to give it to them, he should pay me, dont you think?

For the younger ones, dont ever take credit for the work of others.

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1. Wah, out of chain at initial set up

2. 8 band EQ set to preferred tone, matched volume off/on

3. Distorts or ODs, etc.

4. delay and the like family

5. second 8 band EQ set flat to final matching volume


a. each box set one at a time as you establish chain, each done off/on up and down chain to match original preferred volume as first EQ all the way through to final output

b. wah serves as volume & bright boost as T. mentioned in his post

c. "who has room for two EQs?" Actually, who doesn't?




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