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Is this a Gibson headstock or some kind of a copy?


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Dear Forum,

I was hoping you could help me identify what kind of Les Paul guitar this is.

It is silver and is at least as old as 1981.

It is a photo of Jim Cregan's guitar from Rod Stewart's band.

Is this a Gibson? The top of the headstock points out more than I am used to, and there is a larger light inlay logo, and I don't see the usual slanted Gibson logo.

From the Young Turks video:

Thanks for your help.



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Yup. Almost certainly a Zemaitis.


There were a couple of other 'metal-top' makers at the time but none remotely as well-regarded as Tony Zemaitis and a player of Jim Cregan's calibre would presumably have bought the real-deal.

Consider, also, that the second-ever Zemaitis was made-for / bought-by former Rod Stewart sideman Ronnie Wood; another Zemaitis owner was co-founder of The Faces (with both the aforementioned Wood and Stewart) Ronnie Lane and its Zemaitis parentage seems even more assured.



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