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2016 ES-335 Late Sixties RI - Fret wire size


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Hi, all


Looking for some knowledge from you fine people.

I recently bit a sizable bullet and bought myself a 2016 ES-335 Late Sixties RI. To say I love it is a wild understatement. The neck, the action, the tone (yes, I love the stock pickups_ are all exactly what I wanted. And it looks just like the '67 335 I had back in high school.

Now - my 1966 ES-330 is in the shop for a partial re-fret and the luthier asked if I had a preference for the fret wire he uses. I would really like the 330's frets to feel like the 335's - but can't find any mention of what size the fret wire is on the Gibson site. Can anyone school me on the 335 fret wire?

Thanks a lot







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